donderdag 1 februari 1990

On the brink of the roaring '90-ties

”Absurd rain”

Whispered sentences through the park
Thought them making sense
in absurd rain
Small sounds suggesting silence
The grey grassland is wrinkling its’ skin
humoured by the noisy speed of youth

oil on projection-screen
(42 x 74)

This one initially started in the same Kibbutz, Gesher Haziv, a very strange Christmas-evening with a Danisch co-volunteer, and later, different strange countries later, finished at home.

”At times I sniff reality”

At times I sniff reality
At times, when you’re discribing
this world to me,
I long to see it
At times I fantasise a two steps further,
turn my back
& whisper words of soothing to the past
Deaf as it looks through me in future
I twirl in present
Find no grip
in has been or will be

oil on plywood
(80 x 120)

”Why compliment her with the beauty of her skin”

Freedom is in naked shoulders
Sometimes in just bare feet
What I want to do lies behind tomorrow
A night, a barrier to overcome,
smooth and easy and like a dream

Nothing interests me more
than the mood that’ll hold my hands
& I hope I can put them on my belly
and make them smile to what’s in there

various techniques on chipboard
(40 x 50)

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