woensdag 1 januari 1992

Some paintings got lost....

...in time. I invite anyone reading this, who owns a painting made by me and doesn't see his or hers between the ones here, to send me a picture. And if I made a poem to it, it would be very nice if you included that too.

”Let’s see…”

I push a cloud into freedom
through the hole in my head
in a soft whispering voice
dreaming words I fed with liquid emotions
this time I quit in time
only half an houre too late
let's meet in heaven afterwards
& see who lived in happiness
to the fullest, to the brim
& see who lived the lowest
the coldest & most dark
& see which one of us has learned the most
& let us shake hands afterwards
when we see that nothing matters
equally to anything, anything at all

oil on canvas
(40 x 60)

”I’m sorry we lost touch”

My difficult world
How do you do?
I’m sorry we lost touch
You know how it is in these hasty days
Remembrance takes half the speed out of living
There’s always something
behind my thoughts
asking to be forgiven
or –at least- be reconsidered

oil on plywood
(61 x 152)

”Nicht zum Sterben Zeit gehabt”

If the bottle had a trigger
my third eye would soon be real
tumbling down
I’d meet the colourfull waves
I wouldn’t even have time to flashback
Is death time, holding pace?
Or is death
when time stops
without letting me know?

Various techniques on chipboard
(56 x 119.5)