zondag 1 januari 1989

And then there's a world to explore

Sometimes you mumble, sometimes you cry. Every once in a while you just got to scream a bit. And slowly the feeling starts to take root that not all has to be said...

”My eyes just simply have to touch”

I make them; these days of present
push them over,
call them mine
I can see the life within you
My eyes just simply have to touch

crayon on newspaper
(50 x 70)

I made this one when living in a kibbutz. Didn't have much more material than crayons and newspapers.

”Splinters of an athmosphere”

While forgotten music holds the grass,
just above its’ roots
& stops it from moving with the winds,
sure of itself
as only a child or a cat can be,
I start to like the darkness,
‘cause her thoughts are of her own
Yes, she is female
& I draw the lines between images
& feel the splinters of an athmosphere

oil on linen
(30 x 40)